Mark Haillay Ceramics
Ceramic flying ducks etc, like the pottery flying mallards of the 1930s. Bird plaque trios with contemporary humorous twist: native and exotic species. Tea sets and tableware which is both decorative and functional.
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                       Me, Ela and flying chickens
about me
I graduated in 1990 from Loughborough
College of Art and Design in Ceramics.
I have been working as a full time potter
ever since.

My  influences include my interests in
plants, birds and yoga  (I'm fascinated by
pattern both natural and designed). My
mother had an antique shop: I love old
china and hand made objects.
about the work

All my work is earthenware, fired to 1125ºC
and soaked at that temperature for an hour
so that the colours are rich, and so that the object has a clear ring when tapped.

The tableware is all functional, however a
dishwasher will damage the gold lustre after time.

The birds have an inbuilt hanger and
require only a nail or picture hook to hang

My pots are all fired in kilns made by
Northern Kilns:
Tea set orange pattern


Selection of native birds

about ordering

For any further information, or if you would
like to place an order, please get in contact
by email
give me a call on  07912376598. 

I charge postage or shipping at cost, (typically £12 -£18 for a set of birds for example) for UK delivery.

Depending on circumstances, delivery can be expected in between 1 and 4 weeks.

Trade enquiries welcome.

home birds tableware information
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